Miami ready to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix Miami Grand Prix: Schedules

Formula 1 website photo infographic (Source: ©ciclismo gonzalez)
Formula 1 website photo infographic
(Source: ©ciclismo gonzalez)
USPA NEWS - The Formula 1 circus arrives this weekend in the state of Florida, specifically in the city of Miami, with the celebration of the sixth Grand Prix of the current 2024 season. Three intense days of action in motor sport await fans, who will be able to witness the fastest cars in the world live from today, Friday, May 3, until Sunday, May 5.
The Miami International Raceway is preparing to host the 2024 Formula 1 Grand Prix, where motorsports fans eagerly await to enjoy the excitement of seeing the best drivers and cars in action. In addition to the Formula 1 races, the event will include free practice, qualifying sessions, Porsche Cup races and, as a novelty, the Sprint race, well received by fans.

After the exciting Sprint weekend in China, Miami is preparing to host another action-packed two-race event. The track around Hard Rock Stadium will witness this new experience, where drivers will have to challenge a complicated circuit that can lead to incidents both in qualifying and in the main race.
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The Miami International Speedway is a temporary circuit with a permanent design located at the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, home of the NFL's Miami Dolphins. The 3.361-mile layout features 19 curves, three straights, three DRS zones and top speeds of more than 211.266 mph. There are also elevation changes, the main one being between turns 13 and 16, with the track passing over an exit ramp and under several overpasses through uneven terrain. The chicane of turns 14-15, meanwhile, has an uphill approach, with a crest in the middle, and then descends at the exit. This circuit offers an exciting challenge for drivers and promises close racing.
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Regarding the tires that will be used in this ' Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024', the official F1 tire suppliers, Pirelli, have selected their mid-range compounds for this round - C2 as hard, C3 as medium and the C4 as soft - to cope with the 3,361-mile track that flows around Hard Rock Stadium, the same compounds that were used in Shanghai. With the Sprint format again, the usual dry tire allocation is reduced from 13 sets to 12 (i.e. two C2 hard, four C3 medium and six C4 soft), while the number of wet sets remains the same (five intermediate and two wet).
Last year, winner Max Verstappen started from ninth on the grid on hard tires before switching to medium, while the other two drivers on the podium, Sergio Pérez and Fernando Alonso, went the opposite way (medium then hard).

What does a Sprint race consist of? Since 2021, in a few selected races, a sprint session is also added the day before the race. This sprint session consists of a race one-third the distance of the main race. The duration of the sprint session is limited to one hour, which can be extended by the stops made up to an hour and a half in total, at which time the winner of the sprint will be declared to the first person to cross the finish line, even if the planned distance has not been completed. . Grid determination was scrapped in 2023, due to the introduction of sprint qualifying, and in 2024, it is done before regular qualifying.
With the spectacular setting of Hard Rock Stadium and the vibrant city of Miami as a backdrop, the Miami Grand Prix promises to be an unforgettable event for both Formula 1 fans and sports lovers in general.
10:30 a.m. – Open parking lots

11:30 a.m. m. – Opening of doors of the place

12:30 – First Formula 1 training session

14:25 – First practice session of the Porsche Carrera Cup

15:20 – Second F1 Academy practice session

16:30 – Formula 1 sprint classification

17:30 – Pirelli Formula 1 hot laps

6:05 PM – Second Porsche Carrera Cup practice session

6:45 p.m. – Formula 1 experiences Grid ride and trophy photo

8:00 PM – Closing of doors of the place
9:00 am. – Open parking lots

10:00 a.m. m. – Opening of doors of the place

10:25 a.m. m. – Formula 1 Academy qualifying session

12:00 p.m. m. – Speed ??race

12:30 – Press conference

12:55 – Porsche Carrera Cup qualifying session

14:05 – First race of the Formula 1 Academy

14:50 – Pirelli Formula 1 hot laps

16:00 – Formula 1 qualifying session

17:00 – Press conference

17:50 – First race of the Porsche Carrera Cup

6:45 p.m. – Walk through the Champions Club grid and photo of the trophy

7:00 PM – Closing of doors of the place
9:30 a.m. – Open parking lots

10:30 a.m. m. – Opening of doors of the place

10:30 – Second race of the Porsche Carrera Cup

11:25 a.m. m. – Ferrari parade laps

11:55 a.m. m. – Pirelli Formula 1 Fast Laps

13:05 – Second race of the Formula 1 Academy

14:00 – Parade of Formula 1 drivers

2:30 PM – Grid presentation

14:40 – Red Bull parachute jump

15:46 – National Anthem

4:00 PM – Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix

7:00 PM – Closing of doors of the place

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